Thursday, 16 February 2012

Brisbane Produce Report 15/2/12

Courtesy of the Brisbane Produce Market:

Wet weather and warm temperatures have affected the quality of some vegetable lines with prices firming on beans, broccoli, capsicums, cauliflower, Asian vegetables and celery. However, watch for specials on top quality carrots, zucchini, corn, potato, pumpkin, onions and sweet potato...

Australian asparagus is becoming plentiful as the season matures causing prices to drop.

Green leafy salad lines, such as iceberg and cos lettuce, and mixed salad leaf are weather affected so they vary in both quality and price.

Avocados are plentiful and well priced.

Look for shepards and the cannon ball shaped reed varieties.

Tomatoes are value for money with the truss lines the best eating.

Shallots and cucumbers are great quality and cheap.

Stonefruit is still bountiful with the smaller sized peaches and nectarines the pick as their season nears its end.

All variety of plums, Tasmanian apricots and cherries are top quality.

New season gala apples and the tasty williams pears are value for money.

Bananas are plentiful and cheap while all varieties of berries are weather affected, with blueberries the best value.

The fig season is in full swing and prices have dropped.

Lychees are at their season’s end. Pawpaws are weather affected and expensive.

New season Thompson seedless grapes are on the shelves from this week alongside black muscat, crimson and menindee seedless varieties.

Look for cheap and tasty rockmelon and watermelon, Australian valencia oranges and late season mangoes, with the honey gold, keitt and palmer varieties available.


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