Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day!

Hope everyone's having a good one, kicking back with a drink and keeping cool. If your beverage of choice today is a cold beer, you should check out the results of the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2010, announced today at Crafty Pint, and see if yours is on the list.

Here's the top ten:

1. McLaren Vale Ale

2. Little Creatures Pale Ale

3. Stone & Wood Draught/Pacific Ale

4. Feral Hop Hog

5. Kooinda Pale Ale

6. Matilda Bay Fat Yak

7. White Rabbit Dark Ale

8. James Squire Golden Ale

9. McLaren Vale Dry

10. Hawthorn Pale Ale

Yes, the top ten does seem a little weighted toward the mainstream craft beers, but that's to be expected I suppose. Still, there's a few there I haven't tried before, so they'll be on the top of my list to try next time I visit   the pub.

If you're looking to try any of the more obscure beers listed in the Hottest 100 (and you live in Brisbane), the best places to look are these:

Archive Beer Boutique - A trendy bar located in West End that has a huge selection of Australia craft beers, on tap and in the bottle.

The Grand Central Hotel - Right next to Central train station. In the Platform Bar you'll find craft beer on tap and in the bottle. Just next door is Grand Central Cellars, a bottle shop that stocks a decent range of Australian and imported craft beers.

Nectar - Also in West End, this a bottle shop that stock a dazzling variety of local and imported craft beers, ciders, and wine. If it's not on their shelf, talk to a staff member and I'm sure they could order it in for you.



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